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Utah’s Ruby Snap Cookies Create Memories Worth Reliving

Cookie Saturday Roly Poly Penguin

It’s Cookie Saturday, and you’ve got a cookie craving, but you don’t want or don’t have time to bake cookies what should you do? If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, the answer is simple: Ruby Snap. The company delivers some of the best cookies ever made, and they’re open until 7pm on Saturday! If you don’t live in Salt Lake City, you still have options. Cookie dough is available in the freezer section of Smith’s, Harmon’s and Lee’s Marketplace. If you live even farther away, you can get the cookies by mail. (You’ll want to order before Saturday so they can arrive on time.)

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One Month until the Author Signing Event at City Cakes and Café

On June 5th, I will be at City Cakes and Café in Salt Lake City to talk about my book “Disneyland Is Creativity” and sign copies of all my books. “Disneyland Is Creativity” is my first book in the “Is Creativity series.” The second book, “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity,” will be released on June 1 and presented at Ogden UnCon on Sunday, June 9, 2019. Books will be available for purchase. However, because of limited supplies, you should preorder the books you want to avoid not getting your first choice. Join our Patreon and get a discount on your books and penguins!

When I lived in Salt Lake City, I spent a lot of time at City Cakes and Café because the staff was great, the food was vegan, and it was close to Salt Lake Community College where I was taking classes. Most of the time, I’d get a coffee and a lemon blueberry scone. For lunch, I’d go back and forth between the veggie sausage burrito and the waffles. Sure, their known for their cakes, but I just enjoyed the atmosphere and the ability to write articles for, the Globe, and my own website. City Cakes and Café may have changed locations in Salt Lake City and expanded out to Draper, but it’s still one of my favorite places in SLC.

The Salt Lake location at 1860 S 300 W ste D is small; it can seat 15 people. So, I plan on keeping the presentation portion of my author signing event short. Starting at 6:15 pm, I will talk a little about the impetus for the book and then present three of the suggestions found in the book. At about 6:35, I will take questions, and then I will sign books starting around 6:50 or 7 pm depending on questions and how much talking I actually do. City Cakes and Café closes at 8 pm, so we want to make sure that we give them enough time to close and clean.

Come by and enjoy a coffee or tea and maybe a cookie or cupcake. You can meet my wife, who makes the amazing penguins, and we can chill. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Penguinate Makes Epic Comic Convention Trek in just One Month!

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

It’s just one month until we board the train in Blagoveshchensk to head to Khabarovsk. From there we’ll fly through Seoul and Honolulu to touch down in Portland, OR as we make our way to Lilac City Comicon 2019. Before we get to Spokane though, we’ll make a stop in Independence, OR to get our supplies and make any last-minute preparations. (If you’d like to see what we did last year, check out our archives and videos.) At Lilac City Comicon, I’ll be presenting the sequel to “Disneyland Is Creativity” with the release of “The Haunted Mansions Is Creativity.” Come see my panel “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity.”

From Lilac City Comicon, we’ll head toward Salt Lake City, with a short stop in Idaho to relax, for my author signing at City Cakes and Café on June 5. I can’t wait to see what they have for dinner, and I’m sure I’ll grab some great vegan pastries.

Ogden UnCon 2019 will be from June 7 to 9 in Ogden. The stars of “Black Sails” will be on hand as well as stars from “The Land of the Lost” – talk about retro! Drue M Scott is scheduled to be at our table, and we may have another special guest. On Sunday, I’m schedule to present “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity,” which will give attendees ideas for habits and activities they can do to become more creative.

When we leave Ogden, we’ll head over to Moab in the hopes of seeing Arches National Monument. After that little bit of relaxation (and celebrating Jenya’s birthday), we wind up the tour at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2019.

Of course, this travel schedule may seem epic, but it won’t truly be epic unless you show up. Come by and say “Hi!” If you can’t make it to one of our events but are in the area, let me know I’ll see of I can make it work to meet up. We have some time after Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con to set up other events if you have a lead on something in the west that’s inexpensive. For those who want signed books sent to them, just use the order form on this website and we’ll get them to you as soon as we arrive in the U.S.

If you want one of our books or penguins, preordering will ensure that you get what you want. Our supplies are limited, so click on the event links above and order what you’d like. We’ll have them ready for you at the event, and you won’t have to worry about us being sold out! Remember, everyone of our Patreon Penguinators gets a discount on items bought at our events. Join today at any level!

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Author Event in Salt Lake City: Vote now!

City Cakes and Café has generously given me space to hold an author signing on June 5, 2019 for my books, including “Disneyland Is Creativity” and “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity.” I’ll give a short overview of creativity based on Disneyland’s structure and history and answer any questions. Then I will be happy to sign books; there might even be some stuffed penguins available. If you would like to vote on what time you can show up, there is a Facebook poll open until Jan 24, 2019.

Of course, City Cakes will be open for you to purchase refreshments. They specialize in vegan and gluten-free food. My favorite items were the lemon blueberry scones, waffles and the vegan sausage and cheezy potato wrap, but I’m pretty sure I ate everything on the menu. City Cakes is locally owned and operated, and they’ve expanded since I’ve been there last with a second café in Draper and a warehouse that allows them to deliver their baked goods to other coffee shops and stores.

When I lived in Salt Lake City, City Cakes and Café was like my second home. I spent many hours, days and weeks sitting at one of their tables enjoying breakfast, lunch or a snack while writing my next great article. The location in Salt Lake City (1860 S 300 W suite D) is smaller, so we’re going to pray for good weather.