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What did I get from Ogden UnCon? Literally…

If you’re considering organizing a convention, “The Land of the Lost” group was amazingly fun. The stars of the original TV show were upbeat, funny, and brought more to the Ogden UnCon than I thought possible.

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‘Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity’ at Ogden Uncon and the Penguinate Booth (space 227) on Sunday

Ogden UnCon Thursday Set-up

On the final day of Ogden UnCon 2019, Shad Engkilterra is scheduled to present “Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity” in the Ogden Eccles Conference Center Executive Conference Room. Taking a tour through the Haunted Mansion, attendees will get history of the Haunted Mansion and tips on becoming more creative.

At our booth, there will be penguins, books, Buddhas and posters. Our stuffed penguins are handmade with hand-embroidered eyes. Many of them are dressed in costumes; there are pirates, hipsters, BerryBerets and Sally. Jack and Pintel were adopted on Saturday.

Books by Shad Engkilterra and Darren Lamb are ready to be consumed. Shad’s books include “Disneyland Is Creativity,” “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity” and “The Pirate Union” – a rollicking adventure on the high seas sanctioned by the bureaucrats that run the PU. Darren’s books are light with Buddhist philosophy and heavy with tension and action. If you want to live a better adventure, Darren’s stories are a great place to start.

The Buddhas at our table include Yoda Buddha, Mickey Buddha, and Rick Buddha. Embedded in each Buddha is a seed of the Bodhi tree and a dorje, which is a tool used to bring positive energy to life. Strong Jesus and Cthulu Buddy Christ are also available.

Our posters include Penguin Motivational posters and Disneyland photos from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Bug’s Land. If you need something a little more pop culture, ask to see our comprehensive selection of Russian Lobby Cards featuring movies from the last two years. Priced at a dollar each, these collectibles are ready to take home.

The first three (3) people to come to our booth and say “Penguinating is the power of positive creativity” will get a tiny Avenger!

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Saturday at the Penguinate Booth (Space 227) at Ogden UnCon 2019: Darren Lamb and Tiny Avengers

Patch Penguin and Kinder Egg Avengers Toys

Author Darren Lamb is scheduled to be with us from 1 pm to 2 pm to sign his books. Darren is a practicing Buddhist and former Marine who infuses his fiction with his life experiences and Buddhist philosophy. If you like zombies and wonder how reincarnation would be affected by the zombie apocalypse, you might try “Rebirth: A Zombie Tale.” Come meet Darren and go away with stories that are uplifting and original.

The first two people that come to the Penguinate booth and say “Penguinating is the power of positive creativity” will get a tiny avenger. These figures come from the Kinder Egg collection and are left in their “surprise” packaging.

Mini-movie posters from Russia and books are available. Come say “Hi” to uas and pick up a book, penguin, or Buddha.

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What to Expect at the Penguinate (Space 227) at Ogden UnCon 2019

Ogden UnCon Thursday Set-up

PENGUINS! Soft, cuddly travel companions that you will love to take with your or just cuddle at home. These handmade penguins come in different styles and sizes. Each has his or her own personality, and some of them you can personally name. The eyes are hand embroidered. Don’t miss the UnCon special pricing for these fuzzy and cute friends.

BOOKS! Two authors are represented at the Penguinate table. Darren Lamb, a Salt Lake City resident, is a former Marine and current practicing Buddhist. His books mix zombies, Buddhism and more. Shad Engkilterra is a well-traveled writer, who has had articles published internationally as a journalist. He has a Master’s Degree in Creativity and Innovation. His books feature creativity, the Disney Company and Far East Russia – Oh, and pirates confounded and supported by bureaucracy.

POSTERS! To see a full selection of posters, you’ll need to ask. We have five different penguin motivational posters. Posters inspired by our books covers, including a map of Disneyland that complements our “Disneyland Is Creativity book. If you’re a fan of Disneyland ask to see our smaller photos from Disneyland of items that may or may not be there anymore, like A Bug’s Land and the Tower of Terror. Russian Lobby Cards, or mini-movie posters from Russia, are also available while supplies last. We have many of the movies form the last two years available – just ask to browse or ask for your favorite.

Geek Buddhas – Darren has made several different Buddha bodies with Geek heads on them. Mickey Mouse is rumored to be one of the possibilities.

Giveaways – If you know the secret catch phrase, you could win a tiny Avenger if you’re the first person to say the phrase to someone at our booth. If you find a postcard with a map of Disneyland on the front, you could get a free Russian lobby card and/or a discount at our booth. Just flip the postcard over to see if there’s an offer.

Discounts – VIPs, Vendors and Volunteers all get $1 off a purchase of $10 or more. Patreon members get a larger discount, but needed to join before June 1 to be eligible. (Join now and be eligible for discounts at our events later in the year.)

Creativity, Penguins and Disney talk – Stop by our booth and ask about creativity or Disney or our Penguins. We’ll be happy to talk. Remember, Shad is scheduled to present “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity” on Sunday at 11:30 am on Sunday in the OECC Executive Conference Room.

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Penguins Available for Adoption at Ogden UnCon (Space 227)

We’re upstairs, and our penguins are waiting for you!

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Ogden Panels… A Second Look

Lilac City Comicon 2019

Ogden UnCon has updated their panel schedule, and I thought I would put together a sample schedule of what I would do if I weren’t at Space 227 selling books, penguins and posters. It’s always nice to put together a wish list and imagine how the UnCon would go. So, here’s what I would do:

Friday – Starting at 9 am.

The vendor floor opens at 9 am, so that would give me about a half hour to get my bearings and see what’s available. It may not be enough time to see everything, but it’s enough to give me a head start because I know I want to support some smaller artists and find that amazing gift or collectible.

WHY AM I NOT ELIGIBLE FOR “Dragons, Dinosaurs and Pirates, Oh my!”? Since I am not between the ages of 5 and 16, even those these subjects suit me to a T, I would choose “How to Turn Your Blog into a Book Production Machine” or “The Philosophy of Spoilers.” Today, I’m leaning toward the former since it would be great as a writer to have a plan for blogging and book writing. Because those both start at 10:30, I would have more time on the floor to see what vendors are there and what goodies I could get.

At noon, it would be between “the Village People” and “Till All Are One: Transformers Franchise.” I’m leaning toward the Transformers thing because I have no real idea what it is about, but the Village People are iconic. Young Man! Which would you choose?

I would attempt to hustle on over to see Jack Stauffer at 1 pm for the BSG cred. I’ve seen Richard Hatch, and I spent a lot of time with Dirk Benedict when he came to Malta. It would be cool to get another perspective on the original BSG.

Amy Hill would be the next panel I would want to attend at 2 pm, but I wouldn’t prioritize her over the Firefly panel at 3 pm. At 4 pm it would be the Star Trek panel with Traccee Lee Cocco, but if I couldn’t get into that panel, the 4:30 “Women in Gaming” panel would be great! I’d finish the day off with “The Land of the Lost” at 6 pm.

Saturday – Starting at 9 am.

The morning is reserved for the floor as I spend the first hour talking with artists and authors and finding a special item to remember Ogden UnCon by. (Maybe a stuffed white penguin…) It’s important to support those who are starting out; this is my time to do it.

At 10:30, I’d hit up “The Story of a Story” unless I missed “the Land of the Lost” panel yesterday. At 11:30, I’d enjoy a trip down memory lane with “The History of D&D.” Then I’d probably grab something to eat and wait for the 1:30 panel: “Animatronics: Behind the Mask.” I’d follow that up with Sophia the Robot’s panel at 3:30 panel – just to keep the theme going. While some of the after-hours panels look amazing. I know I’m going to need some rest to finish off Sunday strong. Though I would still be interested in a couple of the 18+ panels because those are usually the most fun.

Sunday – Starting at 9 am.

Sunday is the last day to make someone’s UnCon great. This is when I make my purchases and find the best things available within my budget. Then, I usually step over my budget by $20 because I just really got to have something.

For some reason, 10 am Sunday is stacked with amazing panels, including “Monarch Butterflies,” “Remembering Game Shows,” and “The Bestiary of Hp Lovecraft.” Add to those the 10:30 panels “Lost in Space (new)” and “How to Become an Author of Change,” and there are a lot of choices that are all right. Since I know I would want to see my own panel “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity” at 11:30 am, I would probably opt for “Monarch Butterflies” Who’s ever seen that at a regular convention?

At 1:30, I would check out the Naomi Grossman panel, and at 3:30, I would make my way over to “The Business Called Art.” That would be my last panel of the UnCon. Hopefully, I would have found time to get everything I wanted from the floor as well.

Remember to stay fueled and hydrated while at Ogden UnCon. We’re all there to have fun. Let’s have a great Unconventional Convention!

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Author Darren Lamb Part of the fun at Penguinate’s Inaugural Festivities at Ogden UnCon

Lilac City Comicon 2019

Ogden UnCon is in its first year, and we are excited to be a part of it. To celebrate this inaugural event, we’ll have penguins, books, a tiny Avenger giveaway and SLC Author Darren Lamb at our table signing his books. Lamb will be with us at Space 227 from 1 pm to 2 pm on Saturday to personalize his books for you.

Lamb is a former Marine and practicing Buddhist with over 30 years of martial arts training. He uses his life’s experiences and philosophy to create fascinating characters and gripping adventure stories. The truths his novels reveal are often set alongside gore and the human experience. Lamb has also co-written a book with his daughter Rowan. “The Worst Buddhist” is great for parents to read to their children.

His forward to my own book “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity” is as touching and real as it gets. Stop by the Penguinate table at Space 227 and pick up one of his books. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Tiny Avengers Giveaway at Ogden UnCon 2019

If you love the Avengers, you love miniatures, and you love free stuff, then you’re in luck. The Penguinate table (Space 227) at Ogden UnCon is giving away Avengers miniatures from the Kinder collection. These toys are found in Kinder Eggs in Russia and Kinder Joy in the U.S. All you have to do is be the first person to come to our table and say, “Penguinating is the power of positive creativity.”

These figures will be in their original plastic shells, so you won’t know which one is inside. Kinder figures include, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Groot, and Thor. We only have one of these to give away on each day of Ogden UnCon, so you gotta be quick!

This offer is not valid for children under the age of 3. One Avenger given away per person per day. Come find our table at space 227, say the right phrase, and win! While you’re there ask about our Russian Lobby Cards (mini-movie posters) for your favorite movie of the last two years and check out our cosplaying penguins!

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Ogden UnCon VIPs and Vendors Discount at Penguinate Table

Lilac City Comicon 2019

If you were lucky enough to grab a VIP pass or you are a vendor at Ogden UnCon, you can get a discount at the Penguinate table! We are offering $1 off for every purchase of $10 or more at our table. (This is in addition to our Patreon Penguinator discount.)

Our handmade penguins have been adopted by individuals and businesses. Each has its own name and personality (though some you can name)! Because they are handmade, each is unique. Whether cosplaying or au naturel, our penguins are ready to add joy and love to your life or the life of someone you love.

Our selection of books includes the Adventures on the Amur, Disneyland is Creativity, and the Penguinate! series. Author Darren Lamb is scheduled to make a guest appearance to autograph his books on Saturday June 8 at 1 pm.

You can also find Russian Lobby cards (mini movie posters) and motivational penguin posters at our booth. Check out future blog posts for a special tiny Avengers give away. We look forward to seeing you at Ogden UnCon!

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Last Day to Ensure You Get Patreon Discounts at the Penguinate Events for June

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

May 31, 2019 is the last day to make sure you can get your Patreon discounts at the events we are participating in during the month of June. If you want $1 off of every $10 you purchase at our table, you simply need to sign up for our Patreon at any level. This discount is on top of any other discounts you may have, like the VIPs and Vendors discount at Lilac City Comicon 2019, Ogden UnCon, and Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention. If you sign up in June, we may not be notified about your Patreon participation until it’s too late.

What else do you get besides a discount at the events we participate in? One post a month geared toward revealing the “secrets” creativity in a way that you can practice them. This patrons-only post is accessible at any level and usually complements an article about creativity at All Patreon Penguinators are recognized at the end of our YouTube videos. Then, you will want to look at the levels to see which one best fits your needs. Sign up today and get in on the fun!