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ASL Interpreter and LGBTQI Author Drue M. Scott Will Sign Books at Lincoln City Archery (Press Release)

Drue M Scott author of "The Monster in Blackwood Forest"

Lincoln City, OR (May 13, 2021) – From May 29 to 31, 2021, Lincoln City Archery will host author Drue M. Scott, whose new release is the third in the Mortal Choice series set in the fictional town of Blackwood Forest, Oregon. Scott’s Mortal Choice series has found resonance within the Deaf community for its heroine Jinx, who is a werewolf and happens to be deaf. Her best friend Christian is gay.

Originally, Scott had intended to explore what happens when a Deaf girl changes into a werewolf, and how that change would affect her hearing. He was also interested in exploring the dynamic between the werewolf and her gay best friend, who doesn’t know she’s a lycanthrope. The story follows more than the two characters Scott had envisioned in its first phases, and Oregon plays its own role.

“I love the Pacific Northwest: the smells, the sights, the mountains and rivers, and the ability to drive a short amount of time and be in the wilderness. I wanted a place far enough removed from the hustle of city life but still attached enough to be open-minded, mostly. A place that could easily harbor some close-mindedness but not be without hope for making the world better,” said Scott. “I really wanted my fictional town to be cool, damp, beautiful, and not too far from the rocky coast of the Pacific; Oregon was the perfect place to create Blackwood Forest.”

The Mortal Choice series has been called cinematic in scope and, with its werewolves and fairies, it compares favorably to “Twilight.” Those who are looking for a new twist on old themes will definitely enjoy Scott’s stories.

“This series is unique because it takes some of the typical mythologies of supernatural beings and beasts and looks at them through a different lens,” said Scott. “The Mortal Choice series takes place in a rich environment full of things the reader will find familiar, but done in a fresh new way.”

Scott will be at Lincoln City Archery on May 29 from 4pm to 7pm, when he will give a talk on “Inclusivity in Fiction” in the evening. On May 30, he will be available to sign books from noon to 4pm, and on May 31, he will be in town to sign books from 11am to 1pm. Hours may be expanded due to popularity.

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‘The Monster in Ahmoraleer’ Releases Dec. 26; Get the First Book Now

The Monster in Blackwood Forest Cover

If you haven’t read “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” (affiliate link), the following post will contain mild spoilers. “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is Drue M. Scott’s first book in the “Mortal Choice” series. Because this post is about the second book, “The Monster in Ahmoraleer,” (affiliate link) it will necessarily provide some information that you may be better of not knowing if you want to feel the full impact of the first book and its surprises. “The Monster in Ahmoraleer” will be released on Dec. 26, 2020.

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Get Your Copy of ‘The Monster in Blackwood Forest’ Today! 31 Days of Halloween

The Monster in Blackwood Forest Cover

“The Monster in Blackwood Forest” is out today! Ordering it now as an eBook (affiliate link) ensures that you get a story before someone can spoil the ending! (psss… the butler did it!) Plus, you get a great story that is just right for the fall-heading-to-Halloween season. (jk… There is no butler.) Maybe you want a taste of what you’re in for. In this video, Drue M.  Scott reads a story inspired by Blackwood Forest:

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Pre-order ‘The Monster in Blackwood Forest’ for 31 Days of Halloween

The Monster in Blackwood Forest Cover

Tomorrow, Drue M. Scott releases the first book in his trilogy “Mortal Choice.” You can pre-order “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” (affiliate link), which focuses on Jinx, her pack, and her human friend, Christian. You can hear Drue read a story from Blackwood Forest accompanied with visuals in the video below.

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The Wooden Pot Serves Goodness in Blackwood Forest, OR

Drue M Scott author of "The Monster in Blackwood Forest"

I got a sneak peek at the menu for the Wooden Pot café in Blackwood Forest, OR, and I gotta tell, you the menu offerings look fantastic. The café itself is focused on a few sandwiches and coffee drinks. This allows it to make sure that what it serves will be amazing.

The Lunch Menu

While I can’t give everything away, I think the first thing I would get is the PB&J Extreme open-faced sandwich. I also find the Full-Moon Soup appealing. I guess I could get them both. Maybe my wife and I could share. The Juniper Blueberry Latte sounds just exotic enough to make it the best choice though I’ve heard the coffee here is fantastic on its own. The Wooden Pot offers daily specials, so depending on what they’ve got going on for the day, I might opt for something else.

The Wooden Pot Opening

The Wooden Pot can only be found in Blackwood Forest, and its opening date has yet to be revealed. If you want to visit the town and the café, you need to make a reservation with the only tour operator who can take you there: Author Drue M. Scott. Beware, while the Wooden Pot looks inviting, Blackwood Forest is a different animal entirely.

During the day, you get a quaint, small town in the Oregon forest with all of its beauty and failings. At night, things become darker, even, or more correctly said, especially when the full moon shines down on the trees, sidewalks, and streets. A quick day trip may be your best bet. Otherwise, be sure to get a room at the seedy hotel and wait for sunrise before going outside again. Watch Drue’s blog for tour availability this coming September or October. It will be an adventure with characters that you’ll want visit again.

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‘The Monster in Blackwood Forest’: A Short Sneak Peek

Drue M Scott author of "The Monster in Blackwood Forest"

As an editor, I get to see some pretty amazing writing before it ever hits the shelves. A little while ago, I was able to edit “The Monster in Blackwood Forest” for Drue M. Scott, and I was struck by his ability to create a realistic world that generates excitement about where he’s going to go with the story. Now, that he’s in the process of getting the book ready to publish here is what I can tell you…

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‘Quantum Souls’: a Tour de Force for Adults

Found on the Alcan Cover

Drue M. Scott’s first series, “Quantum Souls,” is a powerful and disturbing tour de force that is meant for a grownup audience. It’s adult themes and situations make it stronger as Scott explores the worth of the human experience and what It means to choose between good and evil. “Quantum Souls” (affiliate link) and its sequels are available on Amazon.

Scott’s autobiographical self-exploration “Found on the Alcan” (affiliate link) is set on the Alaskan-Canada Highway. As Scott traveled down this historic road and through Canada, he picked up a hitchhiker who revealed to Scott who Scott was as a person.

Scott is a kickass sign language interpreter who went viral for his performance at a Flo Rida concert. Of course, with the entertainment industry on hiatus, he is self-isolating and working on the third book in his yet-to-be released Blackwood Forest series.

I am currently editing the second book in Scott’s Blackwood Forest series. The first book has yet to be released because he was trying to find a traditional publisher for it. The series has such great potential, and all of it is on display in the first book. We don’t have a current release date for his next series, but I am excited to see how it ends. If you need some more great reading, check out Drue’s stories.

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Ogden UnCon 2019 Schedule: First Look

The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity cover

I am attending Ogden UnCon as an artist and vendor, which means I will be spending a lot of time at my table with my wife Jenya and author Drue M. Scott selling books and penguins while enjoying the cosplayers and conversations that happen at an event like this. I won’t get much time to do anything more than go to my own panel on Sunday at 11:30 am – “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity.”

However, that can’t stop me from enjoying the idea of going to panels and making up an imaginary schedule of the ones I would attend. Since this is a first look, panels are subject to change. Since this is the first time I have ever attended the Ogden UnCon, it’s hard to say what the entry into events and panels will be like, so I will choose one thing that I absolutely must do and work around that event or panel. Also, it’s important to note that rooms will be cleared in between panels, so being in the room at the panel before the one you won’t help. VIPs get “line teleportation” but must show up 10 minutes before the start of the panel.

Friday Panels

On Friday, it looks like the only question for me would be whether I should go to “The Philosophy of Spoilers” or “How to Turn Your Blog into a Book Production Machine.” I’m not exactly sure what will be discussed in the “Philosophy of Spoilers.” It could go so many ways, and that’s its appeal. Blog-into-book would allow me to learn the philosophy of taking blog posts and turning them into books, which, as you know if you’ve seen either “Penguinate! Essays and Short Stories” or “Penguinate! The Disney Company,” could be extremely useful for me. They happen at the same time, so I’m unsure which I would choose, but I’m leaning toward Blog-into-book even though I think Spoilers could be amazing.

At 1:00, Jack Stauffer who was on the original “Battlestar Galactica” will have a panel. I have met Dirk Benedict at Malta Comics and Pop Culture Expo and Richard Hatch during a Salt Lake Comic Con press conference. Seeing Stauffer on stage would allow me to fill out my BSG check list if I had such a thing. Maybe I should dig out my Viper from the ‘70s.

At 3:00, I would head to “Aim to Misbehave: Firefly/Serenity.” Utah has historically had a large contingent of dedicated Browncoats. This panel is sure to be a blast.

If I can get from the Firefly panel to the Star Trek panel featuring Tracee Lee Cocco at 4:00 pm, I would do so. They are in the same venue and close to each other. I don’t think I would have to choose between the two; it might be possible to check out of the Browncoats rally early to experience the Next Generation.

OMG! “Land of the Lost!” This is one of those shows I grew up with but left my memory until Ogden UnCon reminded me of it. With all of the celebs for this panel, this is the one must-do of the day. There shouldn’t be any problems getting there unless I stop for food. It’s scheduled for 6:00 pm.

Saturday Panels

At 10:30 am, Mort Castle is scheduled to present “The Story of a Story: Imagination + Reality.” I’m interested in hearing his thoughts on imagination because a lot of what’s out there, academically speaking, is tied too closely to creativity. It seems like imagination is often the forgotten ingredient in creating.

At 11:00, “The Land of the Lost” panel gets a second engagement. If I missed the one from the night before, I would definitely hit this one.

What I assume is the major draw for this UnConvention, the “Black Sails” panel is at 1 pm. I haven’t seen any episodes, yet, but I’m going to get Netflix to help me change that, so I’d have some context.

“Run, Holly, Run!” is at 4 pm and will have Kathy Coleman talking about her acting experience and her book. It’s a book I’ll have to pick up, even if I’m not going to the panel. Anyone know where I can get a copy?

Sunday Panels

Sunday would be my packed day. With so many great panels competing for my attention, I would certainly miss out on something. The panels I would go to are dependent on why I was at the UnCon. At 10, “The Bestiary of HP Lovecraft” is competing with Phil Paley’s presentation on creating a safe haven for Monarch Butterflies in your backyard. I used to cover conventions as a social activism journalist, but I enjoyed “The Call of Cthulu.” It’s a toss-up, and they both compete with the 10:30 starting “How to Become an Author of Change” panel, which butts up against “Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity” at 11:30.

So, while I would love to attend the Author of Change Panel, I’m leaning toward Monarch Butterflies, which gives me enough time to get to my own panel.

I’ve got stiff competition during the same time as my panel. Tracee Lee Cocco of Star Trek fame is at 11:30. Chris Kattan is at noon as is the “new Lost in Space” panel. How do you choose? I’ll miss those because I’ll be presenting on the Haunted Mansion and creativity.

This is my bare bones UnCon schedule if I were to go as a fan. As a reporter, I would stuff the schedule more. Of course, there are a lot of panels, things to do, artists on the floor you should visit, and I haven’t covered most of them. So, which panels would you attend? And which artists, vendors and activities are looking forward to the most? Leave your comments below.

You can get tickets to Ogden UnCon here (takes you off site). Don’t miss out on penguins or books, preorder your swag from our table here and have it waiting for you at our table. Remember, members of our Patreon Penguinators get a discount at our table at all the events we attend.

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Penguinate Makes Epic Comic Convention Trek in just One Month!

Booth set up for Lilac City Comicon

It’s just one month until we board the train in Blagoveshchensk to head to Khabarovsk. From there we’ll fly through Seoul and Honolulu to touch down in Portland, OR as we make our way to Lilac City Comicon 2019. Before we get to Spokane though, we’ll make a stop in Independence, OR to get our supplies and make any last-minute preparations. (If you’d like to see what we did last year, check out our archives and videos.) At Lilac City Comicon, I’ll be presenting the sequel to “Disneyland Is Creativity” with the release of “The Haunted Mansions Is Creativity.” Come see my panel “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity.”

From Lilac City Comicon, we’ll head toward Salt Lake City, with a short stop in Idaho to relax, for my author signing at City Cakes and Café on June 5. I can’t wait to see what they have for dinner, and I’m sure I’ll grab some great vegan pastries.

Ogden UnCon 2019 will be from June 7 to 9 in Ogden. The stars of “Black Sails” will be on hand as well as stars from “The Land of the Lost” – talk about retro! Drue M Scott is scheduled to be at our table, and we may have another special guest. On Sunday, I’m schedule to present “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity,” which will give attendees ideas for habits and activities they can do to become more creative.

When we leave Ogden, we’ll head over to Moab in the hopes of seeing Arches National Monument. After that little bit of relaxation (and celebrating Jenya’s birthday), we wind up the tour at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2019.

Of course, this travel schedule may seem epic, but it won’t truly be epic unless you show up. Come by and say “Hi!” If you can’t make it to one of our events but are in the area, let me know I’ll see of I can make it work to meet up. We have some time after Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con to set up other events if you have a lead on something in the west that’s inexpensive. For those who want signed books sent to them, just use the order form on this website and we’ll get them to you as soon as we arrive in the U.S.

If you want one of our books or penguins, preordering will ensure that you get what you want. Our supplies are limited, so click on the event links above and order what you’d like. We’ll have them ready for you at the event, and you won’t have to worry about us being sold out! Remember, everyone of our Patreon Penguinators gets a discount on items bought at our events. Join today at any level!