Persimmon Penguin in a Poncho-Dress


A black and white stuffed penguin named “Persimmon.”

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Persimmon Penguin loves castles, fireplaces, and knitting. She has been waiting to get her red, plaid, poncho-dress and is now ready to meet her forever family. Is it you?

Persimmon is about 7 inches tall and made from faux snow leopard fur. Her feet and beak are black faux fur and fuzzy. Her eyes are hand-embroidered, and she is handmade by Jenya. Her dress is red plaid with plastic buttons. Persimmon comes with a passport, but she’ll leave her ball of yarn with us when she finds her family.

Adopt Persimmon Penguin now. She’s the last of the Black and White penguins as we are now out of faux snow leopard material. Her travel is included in the adoption fee. We will also give $5 to the Royal Albatross Center for their work with little blue penguins and other birds. You can also see Persimmon on Etsy.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 in
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