Downloadable Penguin Paper Dolls and Activity Pages


A penguin paper doll: Easter and Fairy themes. Download these penguins, color them, cut them out, dress them up, and tell your stories with them! You will also get a bonus maze for young children and a crossword puzzle (not pictured).


Hark back to the days of yore when paper dolls were all the rage. Here our penguins have gone vintage and started working on their paper doll skills. This Easter, you can have fun coloring and cutting out these dolls. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, just print them again. Our penguin paper doll is meant for older people who are looking to practice their cutting skills. Young people can enjoy them as well, but they may need help with the scissors.

Easter 2020 may be a difficult time for many people. If you’d like to download this paper doll for free, check out our Facebook page for the super-secret code. Penguinators also have access to these pages, so join our Patreon and look at all the cool rewards, including a penguin of the month photo!

Penguin paper doll low res
Penguin paper doll low res


Color the doll, its clothing, and its accessories. Carefully cut out the doll. If you need an adult to help you, ask! The hats will need a slit, and the Easter Bunny ears will need to have a circle cut out. (If you mess up, you can always print it again.) Once your doll and accessories are cut out, dress it up, and use the tabs to help keep the clothes on the penguin.

Penguin Paper Doll Easter pg 2 low res
Penguin Paper Doll Easter pg 2 low res


Fantasy Penguin Paper Doll
Fantasy Penguin Paper Doll low res

As a bonus, you get the “Help Peppy Get Home” maze! A simple maze for all ages. You also get a 10-word crossword puzzle.


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