How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow: Learning Traditional Archery


Want to know how to shoot a bow and arrow traditionally? This book will help. Photos & instructions provide help in remembering body position.


This How To book teaches you to shoot archery in a traditional manner. Using photos to illustrate body positions, those who read this book should be able to shoot a bow and arrow, using Mediterranean draw, safely. While no book can replace a competent instructor, this book will help remind you of the basics and give you a place to start when an instructor is not available.

Traditional archery requires you to use your body and mind to get the arrow on the target. There are many ways to do traditional archery; however, it’s important to learn one way well. By learning a particular technique, you will be able to get better at archery. More importantly, this type of archery will help you train to be calmer and more patient.

“How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow” is a great way to get acquainted with archery that doesn’t feature all of the technology or equipment that is popular with a lot of sport archers. Traditional archery is ultimately about you and how you use a stick and a string.

This preorder is for the paperback version of the book, which will be available some time after Dec. 15, 2021. If you would like the eBook version, you can get it at Amazon.

Shad Engkilterra studied archery under Armin Hirmer at Malta Archery. He currently owns Lincoln City Archery in Lincoln City, Oregon, with his wife.


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