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Are you looking for an interesting read? These nonfiction LDS used books are written by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS, Mormon). I have read all of them and liked them enough to keep them in storage up until now. If you want to know more about why I’m sending these books to new homes, check out the last paragraph. I only have one copy of each of these, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. (Of course, I’m including an Amazon affiliate link in case you prefer to get them from somewhere else.) If you need a Bible in a Year book, I have three versions that I will be putting up on another page. They are well-worn and well-read, but they still have their pages and words!

Simply put in your cart and checkout so you can pay for the book (or books). Be sure to include the title you want. Unless otherwise noted, books are $5 plus $5 shipping and handling. I will update this list as items change. We will ship all books media mail in a padded envelope unless otherwise noted (or you request a more expensive shipping option.)

Nonfiction Used LDS Books

To Draw Closer to God: A collection of discourses by Henry B. Eyring. If you’re a member of the Church, you know Eyring and how inspirational he can be. This paperback was published in 1997 and given to me as a gift. It has an inscription dated 2008. The price sticker on the back was removed and left a residue that has collected a little bit of dust. Get it on Amazon.

What I Wished I’d Known When I Was Single: How to do life as a young adult by John Bytheway. Young adult or old, Bytheway’s signature comic style will have you laughing while you’re crying. This paperback was published in 1999 and written as if you’re headed to a piano recital. I’m surprised at how good a condition it’s in. I know I read it, but it doesn’t look like I did. Get it on Amazon.

Daughters of God by M. Russell Ballard. This beautifully covered, hardbound talk from 2009 is in great condition. (Get it on Amazon.)

The Master Deceiver: Understanding Satan’s lies and how to resist them. Published in 2008, this paperback still has its price sticker! The cover is in okay condition, but the words and the insides seem to be okay. (Get it on Amazon.)

When Thou Art Converted: Continuing our search for happiness by M. Russell Ballard. Published in 2001, my dust cover has several scratches and one tear. Otherwise, the book is in good condition. (Get it on Amazon.)

NonFiction LDS Used Book Deal of the Day: Three books for the price of one!

The John Bytheway Collection includes to hard covers and a paperback. These pocket books are perfect for carrying with you, and the comedy gold inside will surely lift your spirits.

  1. How to Be Totally Miserable: A self-hinder book may be one of the funniest reads with an important message that you’ll ever find. Is it reverse psychology? Or using a creative method to improve people’s lives? Maybe both. My copy is in pretty good condition. (Get it on Amazon.)
  2. How to Be an Extra-Ordinary Teenager isn’t just for teens. You can apply it to your adult life if you have the same values. Just substitute the word you identify with wherever you see the word teens, and you’ll be grooving to Bytheway’s humor and wisdom. Published in 1999, my copy is a little rough. The cover has some scratches, gouges and dents along with the price-tag sticker residue. That’s part of the reason it’s coming as part of this deal of the day! (Get it on Amazon as an audiobook.)
  3. Behind Every Good Man: Helping your husband take the spiritual lead at home. There are a lot of reasons why a guy (aka husband) might decide to leave the spirituality to his wife. Bytheway explores those reasons and offers suggestions to help wives get their husband and home’s spiritual leader back on the right track. Published in 2009, my paperback is in great condition. (Get it on Amazon.)

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I’m having to down-size, and while we’re looking for a physical place to open a store, I thought I would offer up some of my used books and videos. The revenue generated from the sale of these books will allow us to continue our search and get us closer to opening a place where books, penguins, creativity and collections coexist peacefully. If you’d like to go a step further in supporting our store, join our Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/penguinate, where your monthly contribution will help us continue to write and make penguins.

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