Lincoln City Archery Booking Form

To book with Lincoln City Archery and pay with PayPal, click on the date you’d like to shoot arrows. Choose the time, you’d like to shoot. You can choose up to four slots. If you want to shoot for an hour, choose four consecutive time slots. (For example, choose 11, 11:15, 11:30, and 11:45 to shoot from 11 to noon.) When you are finished, click on the ‘X’ to get out of the date screen. If you’d like to book and pay upon arrival, please contact us at 503-409-8371.

All shooters will need to comply with safety instructions. Thank you.

At Lincoln City Archery, we focus on the meditative and relaxing qualities that traditional archery provides for the mind. Instinctive archery is about form, consistency, and concentration. Most people will be able to hit the target at 10 yards within the first 9 arrows. The more you practice the luckier you’ll get. We understand that while hitting the bull’s-eye isn’t the goal, it’s still fun!

Our range currently supports bows up to 25 pounds. We teach Mediterranean draw with a corner of the mouth anchor point. In instinctive archery, there is no aiming – you’ll learn to trust that your mind, eyes and body will work together to put the arrows in the target.

If you’re an established archer who shoots a different style, you’re welcome to join us for some recreational shooting. For the moment, however, we are only allowing our equipment on our range. We are looking to the future to provide more diverse shooting opportunities.

Contact us for information on birthday parties, team-building, or to reserve our range for your group. Individuals who would like to shoot at times other than those listed can also contact us at 503-409-8371.

To learn more about our archery range, subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. To support our range, join us on Patreon.