Oahu Photography Tours Help People See All the Island

Alex Wilson, and manager of Oahu Photography Tours took some time out of his schedule to answer our questions about Oahu and his business:

  1. What’s the one thing people shouldn’t miss on Oahu and why? “People should get out of Waikiki. They need to see what else is out there other than the city,” says Wilson.
  2. What does your business bring to the Oahu community? “We bring a great way to see Hawaii in is best form. They get to walk away with amazing photos,” says Wilson.
  3. How does your business foster creativity? “Photography … :)” says Wilson. Check out Oahu Photography Tour’s post on manifesting creativity: “Everyone possesses creativity, you need only learn how to manifest it!” 
  4. What makes your business different from others on the island? “It’s unique, original and inspiring,” says Wilson.
  5. What is the best thing about Hawaii? “Its history of the Polynesian people,” says Wilson.

Wilson founded Oahu Photography Tours in 2010 to help people get more out of their stay in Oahu. Offered tours include the “Circle Sunrise Island Tour,” which is a 10-hour tour of Oahu, and the twice monthly “Full Moon Tour” to watch and photograph the moon emerging from the ocean. Tour members can be of any level of expertise. The professional photographer guides give instructions and tips when asked. Tours are generally limited to 7 people.

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