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Author Application for Indie Author Bookstore

Hello Author or Creator! This is the application page for our creativity, indie author bookstore and penguin emporium. (I’m trying to find a name that will fit on the sign and still give people an idea what they will find inside.) We are hoping to open, virtually and IRL, late August/early September 2020 (barring any unforeseen circumstances. However, we have already started putting up author pages. There is one genre we don’t think we can do well at promoting; erotica would not be a good fit for our store.

Our objective is to help you sell more books. Whether you sell them through us, Amazon, or your own website isn’t important. What is important is that you get your stories out there. By working with us, your books will be at a physical store (location to be determined). You get your own author’s page with links to your website and to your books on Amazon. The link to your website is important for your site’s Google ranking. You can see Darren Lamb’s page, which we’ve done as a blog post and pinned under our “Indie Books” tab, and Drue M. Scott’s page, which we’ve done as a page in an attempt to see which performs better in search engines. We will also do our best to get you reviews on Amazon through in-store efforts focused on improving your visibility.

What we’d like from you is to form a virtual and IRL partnership. By promoting our website, events and blog posts, you’ll be promoting your own books and our ability to stock them. Shares, comments, likes, and retweets are all more important than ever, especially in Internet sales. The questions below cover many of the things you can do to help, and they don’t cost money! They just cost time and your social media “bandwidth.”

Our goal is to get 100 authors represented in our store. It will depend on space, cost of books, and my networking ability to get that number. We currently have three slots spoken for, which leave us with finding 97 more. There are other authors who have expressed interest, as well, but we have not finalized any relationships. Fill out the author application below and let’s get started.

Will you:

Promote our store to your social media audience?

Share blog posts from the Penguinate blog?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel?

Subscribe to our Facebook page?

Provide a link to our website from yours?

Come to our store, if you’re in the area, to do a talk, live and/or recorded? Skills session? Author signing?

Do a talk, skills session, or author’s signing virtually (via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Live…)?

Write 300 original words for your book sale page at

Write one or more blogs for

Provide a headshot for your author’s page and blog posts?

Have you written about penguins?

Are you willing to do consignment?

This is not a legal contract. This is a fact-finding document only. No obligation on the part of the author or the store is implied. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the information.