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’80s’ Zombie Apocalypse Arcade Cabinet Discovery

Zombie Apocalypse Arcade Game Cabinet

There was a dark corner in our storeroom, and I finally decided to explore what had been left behind by the previous tenants. My feet left prints in the dust that had accumulated on the floor, and I had to brush away curtains of cobwebs. I turned on my flashlight and saw a dark blue video game cabinet. As an ‘80s’ kid, I was excited. I’ve always wanted a video game in a cabinet, even if it only had one game on it. The cabinet had it’s back to me and was pushed into the corner, like someone was trying to prevent the video game the cabinet held from escaping.

I moved the stuff around it, grabbed my hand truck, and brought it to the front of the store. “Zombie Apocalypse!” This was one of the best video games of the decade. The graphics were a cut above at the time, and the controllers were fairly easy to use. The story centered on zombies attacking a coastal town in Oregon. There were some problems with the cabinet. I would have to get it cleaned up and repaired before I could plug it in. I couldn’t wait. I was also going to have to find the key to tone coin slots or bring a roll of quarters from home.

I’ve been working on getting everything fixed up. The game should be ready to go on Oct. 18 if I can find all the right parts. Until then, we’ll just have to savor the anticipation of re-experiencing this classic. Bring your quarters to let people know you’ve got next. The zombies will be invading at Lincoln City Archery; we’ll need your help to keep them from moving beyond!

(Make reservations now to ensure that you have your spot to defeat the zombies. Read about what happen when the game was plugged in. Read the rules for the archery game: Zombie Apocalypse Live Action Arcade Game.)

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