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Buddhist Fiction and Non-fiction by Former Marine and Current Monk

Buddhist fiction and non-fiction Author Darren Lamb at Salt Lake Comic Con

Darren Lamb calls himself the Worst Buddhist. He served in the Marines and is a veteran of the first Gulf War. His books combine the sensibilities and philosophies of Buddhism with the frailties of the human condition and surreal or fantastical situations. Lamb takes his life experiences and translates them into fast-paced action with great characters. Lamb writes for adults as he honestly explores what it means to be alive and what responsibilities spiritual people have to the world. If you’ve never heard of Buddhist fiction, let Lamb show you how amazing it can be. Lamb’s original works will amaze you and bring you joy, even while they explore the darker parts of the world and the inner turmoil of people’s lives.

If you prefer to order directly from Darren Lamb, check out his website, The Worst Buddhist, for Buddhist fiction and non-fiction. Otherwise, you can order directly from our store (when it opens) or use the links below to order from Amazon.

Buddhist Fiction

The ‘Sea of Sin’ series follows a group of friends and offers a series of twists that are jaw-dropping. Mike owns a diner and dates a Life-Flight nurse. Larry is a body-building priest and his best friend David is a Buddhist monk. Follow their adventures as they confront friends gone to the wrong side and their own inner demons. This trilogy will astonish you with its well-written prose, characters that are true to themselves and others, and imaginatively dangerous situations that touch on the very heart of what it means to be human.

During the zombie apocalypse, a Buddhist monk travels through the hordes to find the reincarnated form of his teacher. What does it mean to be dead and reincarnated if there are living dead looking to make a meal of you? ‘Rebirth: A Zombie Tale’ takes you to some of your favorite west coast destinations to find the answer.

What if what’s written on our insides is more than the emotional scars we carry around? In ‘The Book of Benjamin,’ Lamb confronts the reader with what is inside him-or herself by revealing what’s inside Benjamin.

Buddhist Non-Fiction

In ‘Ronin Buddhism,’ Lamb offers an accessible look at walking a spiritual path on your own. Whether you’re a Buddhist, Christian, or another religion, ‘Ronin Buddhism’ can help you keep your path and light your light. Lamb doesn’t hesitate to use real-world, geeky examples to make his point in this uplifting and affirming book.

Check out our review of Darren Lamb’s Buddhist fiction. Lamb wrote the foreword for “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity.” (Editor’s note: This is a project I’m working on for CAPE, a store that will feature penguins, Indie authors, and experiences to improve creativity. If you have ideas for improvement of this page, please leave them in the comments. Thank you.)

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