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Join Our Patreon Now and Get Benefits Right Away

choosing books with a penguin

During the month of July, my goal is to recruit 30 new Patreon Penguinators at any level. If you join now, at even $1, you’ll get access to the “Penguin of the Month” photo featuring our amazing stuffed penguins – usually Patch or Penny.

You’ll also get one Patreon only article about creativity. The series, which started before I left for the U.S. in May, has been called “The Secrets of Creativity” and has been written as a supplement to another article on my blog. While that may or may not be the case in the future, it is what I am working with now. If we make it over $200 in Patreon pledges a month, I will add a second article for members only and for every $200 after that until we reach 5 articles a month.

Donating more than $1 a month will get you different levels of rewards. Want books? Donate at $50 and get a book a month from an assortment of Indie authors – including me. These books will be curated and from authors I have enjoyed reading like Darren Lamb and Drue M. Scott.

If you love penguins, then the $200 level is the one to choose. You’ll get one penguin a year for as long as you’re a member of our Patreon!

Choose the $500 level and get a creativity box delivered to you every month. What’s a creativity box? It’s a box that is crammed full of items and ideas to help you become more creative. These items will vary from month-to-month and will inevitably include a book, something to play with, and a list of activities to engage in. As you continue your subscription and follow along with the contents, you will find that you’ll be able to put to use those principles of creativity that most suit your needs.

If you’re currently a Patreon Penguinator, thank you! Be sure to spread the word to your friends and help us grow our community. If you’re not yet a Patreon Penguinator, now is the best time to join!

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