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What to Expect at the Penguinate (Space 227) at Ogden UnCon 2019

Ogden UnCon Thursday Set-up

PENGUINS! Soft, cuddly travel companions that you will love to take with your or just cuddle at home. These handmade penguins come in different styles and sizes. Each has his or her own personality, and some of them you can personally name. The eyes are hand embroidered. Don’t miss the UnCon special pricing for these fuzzy and cute friends.

BOOKS! Two authors are represented at the Penguinate table. Darren Lamb, a Salt Lake City resident, is a former Marine and current practicing Buddhist. His books mix zombies, Buddhism and more. Shad Engkilterra is a well-traveled writer, who has had articles published internationally as a journalist. He has a Master’s Degree in Creativity and Innovation. His books feature creativity, the Disney Company and Far East Russia – Oh, and pirates confounded and supported by bureaucracy.

POSTERS! To see a full selection of posters, you’ll need to ask. We have five different penguin motivational posters. Posters inspired by our books covers, including a map of Disneyland that complements our “Disneyland Is Creativity book. If you’re a fan of Disneyland ask to see our smaller photos from Disneyland of items that may or may not be there anymore, like A Bug’s Land and the Tower of Terror. Russian Lobby Cards, or mini-movie posters from Russia, are also available while supplies last. We have many of the movies form the last two years available – just ask to browse or ask for your favorite.

Geek Buddhas – Darren has made several different Buddha bodies with Geek heads on them. Mickey Mouse is rumored to be one of the possibilities.

Giveaways – If you know the secret catch phrase, you could win a tiny Avenger if you’re the first person to say the phrase to someone at our booth. If you find a postcard with a map of Disneyland on the front, you could get a free Russian lobby card and/or a discount at our booth. Just flip the postcard over to see if there’s an offer.

Discounts – VIPs, Vendors and Volunteers all get $1 off a purchase of $10 or more. Patreon members get a larger discount, but needed to join before June 1 to be eligible. (Join now and be eligible for discounts at our events later in the year.)

Creativity, Penguins and Disney talk – Stop by our booth and ask about creativity or Disney or our Penguins. We’ll be happy to talk. Remember, Shad is scheduled to present “The Haunted Mansion: 50 Years of Creativity” on Sunday at 11:30 am on Sunday in the OECC Executive Conference Room.

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