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Go Oahu Card: Family at the Polynesian Cultural Center

My wife and I with Maui at the PCC

The theme of the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) is family and the ties that bind. Every fan of “Lilo and Stitch” can tell you that “ohana” means “family.” Those who aren’t fans of the Disney film will still know “ohana” means “family” by the end of the day.

If you take a bus chartered through the PCC, your adoption into the family will start with your bus guide the moment you leave Waikiki.The BYU-Hawaii student, who is paying his or her tuition in part by working at the PCC, will introduce you to the concept of “cousin,” which means anyone of Polynesian descent, and for the length of the stay at PCC, anyone who is visiting the center. Our guide was funny with his dry sense of humor, and he related interesting facts about Polynesian cultures and the PCC before we arrived. He also took our food orders for Pounders and made sure we got our tickets into the PCC.

At the Huki Canoe Show, we were again reminded of the meaning of “ohana.” In the Polynesian cultures, “the waters do not divide us;they unite us.” Marriage between different seafaring cultures keeps the gene pool fresh. While the Polynesians of long ago may not have known the science,they did realize that people marrying between different islands helped to prevent war.

The Hawaiian Journey film reinforced the concept of family. The story that frames the beauty of the island is told from the perspective a Hawaiian boy who learns about who he is from his grandma. As the film ends, his granddaughter will learn about her heritage from him.

Ha: The Breath of Life” follows the same structure with a father and mother giving birth to a boy and ending with the son and his wife having a daughter. The family is at the center of the story line. We live for our families. We fight for our families, and we die for our families because of love. If you didn’t believe the family was important before your day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, you should have no doubt about its centrality to life after your visit.

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