Lincoln City Archery

At Lincoln City Archery, we focus on the benefits of instinctive archery when used to increase peace and a healthier outlook. Traditional archery is about connection – connecting your mind and body, connecting yourself to awareness, and connecting to other people. At our indoor range, you’ll be able to practice your form and learn to trust that your eyes and mind will allow your arrows to hit the target.

Of course, we will have some fun and games. Those who need hunting supplies are welcome to order from our catalog or see what we have in stock. Our indoor range starts with targets at 10 yards though we may move them closer for younger archers. As archers progress through the forms, they will also be able to shoot at up to 15 yards. (We are working on getting a couple more yards in the future, but it will take some time and redecoration.) However, shooting farther away or heavy pound bows isn’t the goal; gaining self-confidence and knowledge of how to use a bow with proper traditional form is.

All sessions include safety instructions, shooting instructions, and necessary equipment. Those who already know how to shoot and just want to practice their own form are welcome to do so. However, our range is currently set up for bows of 25 pounds or fewer.

We are happy to have our range booked for parties, and we look forward to starting a Fun and Games League in the near future.

Our range offers archery-themed books and books written by independent authors, including the range instructor. We have handmade stuffed penguins and other souvenirs available. Lincoln City Archery will be open at the Lincoln City Outlets on May 15, 2021. Book your spot online today.

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Creativity at Our Core

Creativity is a meta skill. It takes both specific knowledge and general knowledge, and it isn’t anything you can get from a search engine. It comes from within you. The items and blog posts that you find here and at our store may seem random, and that’s part of the point. Find the intersection, connect new dots, and bring things together that you haven’t thought about doing before. Participating in our experiences, live or on video, will help you better harness your creativity. Creativity is at the core of everything that we do as human beings.

For Penguin Emporium, creativity is the reason we come to work in the morning, afternoon, evening, and whenever else we happen to be at the computer. Creativity is important for us as people, and no matter who you are, you’re creative. That’s why we’ve written the books “Disneyland Is Creativity,” “The Haunted Mansion Is Creativity,” and “Penguinate! Positive Creativity.” It’s also the topic of many of our blog posts and a part of our Patreon page, where Penguinators get special sneak previews of upcoming trainings. As you explore this website, and later visit our store, remember, we’re bringing these things together to help you be more creative in a positive way.

Happy handmade penguins bringing cuteness and joy to you!

Our stuffed penguins bring us so much joy and happiness, we want to share that joy and happiness with you. Each penguin Jenya makes is made with love by hand. The eyes are hand embroidered. The penguins are individual cut from fleece or faux fur fabrics. The feet and beaks are made from fleece. Penguins can be ordered with an outfit that is also handmade!

You are unique; that’s why you’re perfect. All of our penguin plushies are unique. Every penguin has its own personality. From feisty and determined to good-natured and comical. Some of our penguins have more than one mood, and it’s dependent on how you see them! Whatever your mood, we have a penguin that can help you commiserate and, ultimately, feel better. Our penguin community is growing on Instagram! Our Instagram is Penguin_Emporium. Checkers Penguin has his own Instagram at checkerspenguin. Pear Penguin is having fun at pear_penguin, and Dale Penguin can be found at Dale_thepenguin.

Our penguins make great gifts for anyone. People who love penguins will adore our unique penguins. Order a penguin today and find out how each individual can contribute to a happier mood and atmosphere. Love. Friendship. Travel. Penguins. Penguins may also be purchased at Etsy.

Here are 25 reasons you need a stuffed penguin, and here are 12 reasons stuffed penguins need you.

Independent Authors and Artists

Independent authors and artists are working hard to create something new. If you’re tired of the same old ideas being recycled, you need to step away from the big media conglomerates and look at what those who work independently have to offer. We are here to support indie authors and artist and help them sell more books and art, so that they can create more books and art. Take a look at our Books section for your new favorite author. Our artists are currently in the Penguin Emporium section.

Collectors’ Corner

Have you ever seen a video of Ray Bradbury’s office? He was a collector of things that inspired him to write short stories. Creativity comes at the intersection of subjects. The more knowledge and inspiration you have that connects, the more likely you are to come up with something creative.

We love collecting things for the ideas they inspire, the joy that they give, and the memories they help us recall. We hope Collectors’ Corner can do the same thing for you. We’re always on the lookout for that next great item, so keep coming back to see what we’ve found. Maybe you’ll find the inspiration you are looking for.

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Showing 1–20 of 33 results